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About This Website

The idea to start a website to document Major League Baseball’s uniforms started in early 2012. My dad passed away after a battle with cancer in August of 2011, and I was struggling to find a constructive way to honor my father’s memory like I had done a few years earlier after my mom’s passing.

Baseball was my first love, and was easily my dad’s favorite sport. I wouldn't be a big sports fan if it wasn't for my dad. I still remember the first baseball glove I got, a replica George Brett glove that my dad picked out for me. I was really going to miss us going to our local Reading Phillies games together.

I know he always believed in me and in all of my creative endeavors as an artist. Even after I rebelliously switched majors in college from graphic design to studio art.

Towards the end of 2010, I started playing around with Photoshop, a program I hadn’t touched since college. I was always interested in sports uniforms, and began to play around with constructing various fantasy football jerseys and helmets.

Somehow, in the dead of winter 2012, all of these various elements aligned and joined together. I realized no one else was really documenting the uniforms of Major League Baseball at that time. And so, the construction of this ever evolving website had begun.

What I Enjoy Most…Doing Things That Are Not A Walk In The Park

The thing I enjoy most about working on this website is the challenge of making and constructing new uniforms. Particularly the special, one game only uniforms that get worn. I love when the only thing I have to work off of are photos from the actual game itself. Being able to use my artistic license to get those logos, jersey scripts, and hat logos looking as close to what they actually looked like on field is a very rewarding challenge.

I'm not going to lie, over the years there have been certain uniform elements that I didn't think I was going to be able to recreate properly. The St. Petersburg patch on the Tampa Bay Rays faux-backs was a tough one that comes to mind. Also, pretty much everything from the Negro Leagues was/is drawn up straight off of game photos.

This was not fun to make.

The toughest one of all though, was the camo pattern on the San Diego Padres navy camo jersey that debuted in 2016. Unlike all of the other previous camo jerseys in the majors, this camouflage had no repeating sections in it. It was impossible to accurately draw out that camo off of photos that only showed partial areas of the jersey. I had to resort to the only thing I could think of at the time. I purchased one of those jerseys, took some photos and then promptly returned the jersey for a refund the very same day it was delivered. Sorry Shop MLB, but it was the only way to get the camouflage pattern right on that jersey.

The Guy Who Does It All

My name is Kyle Linette. I’m the brain behind this whole production that creates and constructs all of these graphics. I also coded this website from scratch with vanilla JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Born in 1981 in Reading, PA, I have been a Philadelphia sports fan my entire life.


For any questions, comments, or mistakes, I can be reached by email:

Making Toronto's city connect jersey logo. Circa June 2024.